Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Revealing Incident

Very recently, after having carefully monitored the activity on the TeslaFlyingMachine Yahoo Group, and after having satisfied myself that William R. Lyne is a nut, Mr. Lyne made a post which says a lot about his rabid lying disease. Above is an image of the post (taken just in case Lyne's thug Luke decides to remove it), which reads:

"While I'm at it here's a post from my Los Alamos friend Tracy concerninghis coil named "Thumper". Pretty damned impressive."

All one need do is a little research work to prove that Lyne's claim here is more bunk. The man who made this coil, first of all, is not named "Tracy," nor is he from Los Alamos, NM. Anyone who goes on over to the Tesla Coil Mailing List can see that the name of the man who made this coil is Finn Hammer. "Thumper" is the name of his experimental coil. Secondly, Mr. Hammer, is not from "Los Alamos" as Lyne asserts, but is instead from Denmark. To verify this, simply go to the bottom of this link to his website:

In fact, one need not even do this much research; just click on his youtube channel from the link Lyne provided, and you will see that his country is Denmark. How dumb does Lyne think his victims are? Well, unfortunately for him, there is no getting out of it this time; he has shown his true colors. Why does he lie like this? I think he wants people to think he is the greatest thing happening, and so he acts as if he knows every famous person and has been involved in every major recent historical event. Definitely a lying disorder...

Be forewarned that I'm sure he'll accuse me of being a "government agent," out to "get him," by providing misinformation. But sooner or later people have to realize that he is in effect making his "followers" take on a cult-like mentality. He has turned his little group into a place where one must "turn of" their reason and common sense, at the plea of everyone against Lyne being a government agent or worse. For instance, if one finds any quote or something which disproves his ideas, they will immediately be accused of being "in on" the conspiracy. This is simply a tactic used to divert attention from the fallacies of his theories. More coming.

Note that I originally tried sending this exposé via a post to the TeslaFlyingMachine Group, however, the moderator - Lyne's buddy, Luke - did not post it. Does this not alone prove that they are both in on Lyne's hoax?

Dimitrije Lukovic